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mi na lerci djica
I don't want to be late.
.e'o ko na jungau
Please don't tell anyone.
ko na zdile firsku
Don't make faces.
mi na birti
I'm not sure if this is correct.
ko'a ca na seljibri
They are out of work now.
ko na broda mi
Don't do this to me!
mi'a na lenku
We're not cold.
mi na pampe'o do
I'm not your girlfriend.
mi na selbapselfu do
I'm not your slave.
ko na viska
Don't look at this!
ko na viska mi
Don't look at me!
ko na viska ko'a
Don't look at her!
ti na rijno
This isn't silver.
do na se zasti
You're out of touch with reality.
na se zasti
She's out of touch with reality.
mi na patfu do
I'm not your father.