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gismu rafsi: nam x1 (event/state) is a problem to/encountered by x2 in situation/task/inquiry x3. Also: x1 requires consideration by x2. See also preti, danfu, ciksi, jijnu, jinvi, nandu, pensi, sidbo, spuda, raktu.
da ni'i nabmi
Then there is a problem...
xu ma'a se nabmi
Do we have a problem?
no da nabmi
There's no problem.
da nabmi mi'ai
We have a problem.
nabmi do .enai mi
It's your problem, not mine.
ba'a na za'umoi nabmi
There shouldn't be any more problems.
pa mei lo nabmi
It is one of the problems.
da mi'ai nabmi
We have a problem.
ctununta'a fo lo toljinsa nabmi
The lecturer spoke on pollution problems.
xu da nabmi tcini do
Are you in any difficulty?
do ba lifri lo nabmi
You'll get into trouble.
ta'o lo za'i ra mo cu nabmi
By the way, what is the matter with him?
.i na nabmi .i mi jimpe
No problem, I understand.
su'o ctuca naku jimpe fi le nabmi
Some professors don't understand this problem.
mi se slabu lo nabmi pe do
I know your problem.