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sa'u nai mi pu penmi lo ninmu noi mi pu tadni ka'ai ke'a
To add details, I met a woman who I had studied with.
lo vi ru'i nai gusni se la'u li du'e savru mi lo ka se viska
These flashes are too noisy.
ro gerku cu danlu i se ni'i nai bo ro danlu cu gerku
All dogs are animals. However, it doesn't follow from that that all animals are dogs.
mu'o nai ro selci be lo xadni cu cmima pa lo so'i klesi
Furthermore, each cell in the body belongs to one out of many classes.
ta'o nai mi platu lo ka vitke la moskov de'i li jy dy re
Back to the point, I'm planning to visit Moscow on Tuesday.
xu nai pluka fa lo nu catlu lo tarci ca lo nicte
Isn't it pleasant to look at stars at night?
ui vu'e nai mi pu citka lo titla poi mi pu zekri lebna
Yay, I ate a candy that I had stolen.
le fetsi pu xalni lo ka da'i nai pu se cinba lo fange nanmu
She panicked when she was kissed by an unfamiliar man.
.i zu'u nai lo degji pi so'e roi te ganse jdika ri'a lo nu mi to'e xamgu sipna
On the other hand, my fingers usually get numb when I haven't slept well.
ro'o nai dai do ka'e sutra zenba .i ko lo du'u go'i cu jinvi po'o na je cu ba'e djuno
You're faster than this. Don't just think you are, know you are.
.i .e'o do te lisri tu'a ko'a ca lo bavlamdei .a'u sai .ui .a'o se'i nai ro'i
Hey, could you tell a story about it tomorrow? I'm very interested, and I hope you can.
nu'e do'u mi na za'u re'u pante ca lo cabdei .i .yy go'i nu'e nai .i .oi ti rigni
I promise I won't complain again today. Umm... I better take that back. This stinks!
da'i mi se ba'i renvi fau lo ka panpi pindi e nai lo ka ricfu gi'e fau bo terpa
I'd rather live in peaceful poverty than in wealth and fear.
lo bi'u nai nixli pu klama lo panka i bi'u le nixli ca tavla lo nanla bu'u le panka
That girl (mentioned earlier), she went to a park. What is new is that she is talking to a boy there.
mi pu rirci fi lo mi pendo fe lo ka se cinri lo fasnu e nai lo farna
I was rare among my friends in being interested in events and not trends.
experimental cmavo replace recent mistakenly uttered text The lo'ai ... sa'ai ... le'ai replacement construct asks the listener to replace the text after lo'ai with the text after sa'ai. The order sa'ai ... lo'ai ... le'ai is also allowed, and either or both parts can be omitted and thus left up to context. When both parts are omitted, the word le'ai on its own indicates that a mistake was made while leaving all the details up to context. It is also possible to attach SAI to a le'ai construct: le'ai dai (or le'ai da'oi ko'a) indicates that someone else made a mistake; le'ai pei asks whether someone else made a mistake; and sai, ru'e and cu'i can be used to indicate the importance of the substitution. Furthermore, le'ai nai can be used to explicitly deny mistakes instead of acknowledging them (compare "sic").