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le nakni pu zgipli lo damri be lo xance
He was playing a hand struck drum.
le nakni pu pinxe lo djacu lo pa kabri
He drank some water from the cup.
lo xanto cu se ganti lo barda lo nakni
Male elephants have large testicles.
ju'o cu'i le nakni cu zukte xau le fetsi
Maybe, he is doing it for her, I'm not sure.
ti nakni lo mlatu lo ka se nakpinji
This is a male cat since it has a penis.
le nakni cu pindi lo ka ponse no xirma
He is poor in that he doesn't own a horse.
le nakni pu cusku lo zabna pinka be le cukta
He made a nice comment about the book.
a'o le nakni cu sanji lo se cinmo be mi
I hope he is aware of my feelings.
le nakni pu steba lo nu la alis di'i pante
He was frustrated of Alice's regular complaints.
mi pu talsa le nakni lo ka facki lo danfu
I challenged him in finding the answer.
le nakni cu tende lo ka smusku lo jitfa
He tends to lie.
le nakni mo'u co'a jgari lo stedu be la alis se pi'o lo xance be le nakni
He grasped Alice's head with his hand.
ba zi lo nu lo vorme co'a kalri vau le nakni pu klama lo nenri tai lo nu mi'a ca'o denpa tu'a le nakni
As soon as the door opened, he got in as if we were waiting for him.
gismu rafsi: bes be'a x1 is a son of mother/father/parents x2 [not necessarily biological]. Also filial. See also verba, nanla, nakni, nanmu, patfu, mamta, bruna, rirni, rorci, panzi, tixnu.
fu'ivla x1 in activity/state x2 exhibits gender/sex x3 (ka) by standard x4 according to judge x5; x5 genders x1 as x3. See also cinse, fetsi, nakni, nanla, nanmu, ninmu, nixli. x4 could be gender identity, gender presentation, social role, legal sex, chromosomal sex, anatomical sex, etc.
lo prenu pe bu'u le tcadu pu klama mu'i lo ka sidju le nakni
People in the town came to help him.