lojbo jufsisku
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lujvo x1=d1 is a period of x2=d2 non-working days/vacation days/holidays for worker x3=g1 at job x4=g2 Removed djedi3 as being unneeded.
mi djicni lo ba crisa nalgundei
I'm looking forward to the summer vacation.
ki'u zo'e ko'a milxe xebni lo nalgundei be vi la .frans.
For one reason or another their holiday in France didn't come up to expectations.
lujvo x1=di1=dj1 is a regularly-occurring period of days off work [weekend] lasting x2=dj2 days, recurring every x3=j2=di3 weeks (default 1), for worker x4=g1, at job x5=g2 cf. nalgundei, jeftu, dikni, gunka, djedi, di'i, na'e; "Weekend" (the last two days in a week, presumed to be a rest from work) is a culture-specific concept. It was felt more appropriate to make a word meaning "work holiday" and leave the days/week[s] to be specified by the person.