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gismu rafsi: naf na'e x1 (du'u) contradicts/denies/refutes/negates x2 (du'u) under rules/logic x3. Also exception (= nafmupli); agentive contradict/deny (= nafxu'a or tolxu'a). See also nibli, tugni, zanru, xusra.
ko'a natfe lo du'u zerle'a loi jdini
He denied having stolen the money.
ko'a clira cliva .i no mu'ei lo natfe ko'a se marce lo trene
He left early; otherwise he could not have caught the train.
lo du'u la edvard pu zvati la nipon cu natfe lo se sruma be mi
The fact that Eduard was in Japan contradicts my assumption.
lujvo x1 (du'u) is not true See also na, natfe
gismu rafsi: zar zau x1 approves of/gives favor to plan/action x2 (object/event). See also cmavo list zau, natfe.
lujvo x1 is an exception/the only one without property x2 among x3 See also natfe, selte'i, steci
lujvo x1 (du'u) confirms/corroborates/verifies x2 (du'u) under rules/logic x3; x1 (du'u) is an evidence for x2 (du'u) See to'e natfe
lujvo x1 (agent) denies that x2 (du'u) is true. Cf. to'e, xusra, natfe, nafmupli, nafxu'a.
gismu rafsi: xus xu'a x1 (agent) asserts/claims/declares x2 (du'u) is true [can be used for epistemology of authority]. Also: x1 states/says that/affirms/purports to know that x2. (cf. natfe which is propositional and non-agentive, nupre)
gismu rafsi: nib ni'i x1 logically necessitates/entails/implies action/event/state x2 under rules/logic system x3. See also natfe, rinka, mukti, krinu, cmavo list ni'i, jalge, logji.
gismu rafsi: tug tu'i x1 [person] agrees with person(s)/position/side x2 that x3 (du'u) is true about matter x4. See also sarxe, mapti, darlu, natfe, panpi, sarji.