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gismu rafsi: nat nai x1 is a nation/ethnic group of peoples x2; [people sharing a history/culture]. See also jecta, kulnu, lanzu, gugde, bangu, cecmu.
gunma natmi
United Nations
do se natmi ma
What is your nationality?
mi fraso le ka jbena gi'e dotco le ka se natmi
I'm French by birth but German by nationality.
le kulnu be lo pruxa'u natmi cu ze'u pu'o daspo canci
The culture of the indigenous peoples was for a long time on the verge of being eradicated.
lo krati be lo turni bei lo ka gubni te ckini co'a tavla loi se natmi
A representative of the governor in public relations started talking to the nation.
lo se natmi be ma cu se zdani lo vi se kuspe
People of what nationality live in this area?
lujvo j1=n2 is a patriot of nation n1. Cf. natmi, jgira, natpa'i.
lujvo k2 is a civilization consisting of culture k1. Cf. natmi, cecmu.
lujvo n1 is an international group of peoples n2. from so'i natmi
gismu rafsi: cem ce'u x1 is a community/colony of organisms x2. See also bende, kulnu, natmi, tcadu, jecta, girzu.
lujvo t1 controls g1=t2 who crosses g2=k1 to g3=k2 from g4=k2. see also natmi, pagre, jaspu
lujvo z1 is folk music performed at/by z2 (event), originating in group of people n2. Cf. natmi, zgike, nolzgi, sopselneizgi, dja'aza, te'ekno.
lujvo p1 loves/feels strong affectionate devotion towards the nation/ethnic group n2; p1 is a patriot/nationalist. Cf. natmi, prami, natpamtrusi'o, naijgi.
gismu rafsi: gug gu'e x1 is the country of peoples x2 with land/territory x3; (people/territory relationship). Also sovereignty, domestic (as opposed to foreign), nation (when not referring to ethnos). See also turni, natmi, jecta, tumla, tutra, lanci.
gismu rafsi: jec je'a x1 is a polity/state governing territory/domain x2; [government/territory relationship]. (adjective:) x1 is civil/political. See also gugde, tutra, turni, natmi, jansu, lanci, cecmu.