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fu'ivla x1 is the Boltzmann k_B constant linking energy with temperature [approximately equal to: 1.380 6488(13)×10^{−23} J/K], expressed in units x2 (default: unitless/dimensionless and equal to 1) in paradigm/system/metaphysics/universe x3 (default: this, our actual, physical universe) Introduced by Planck (along with "h", his own eponymous constant); named after Boltzmann who nonetheless laid the foundation for research into such affairs. See also: stefanboltsemasi (sigma_SB), plankexu, tcelerita, gravnutnoia, avgadro, ocnerta, nejni, kelvo, nilgla.
fu'ivla x1 is the momentum [vector] of x2 in frame of reference x3 x1 can be a vector, e.g. four-vector. Might be pretty general in its semantic scope ("quantity of movement"); at the very least includes both Relativistic (four-vector) and Newtonian (three-vector) momentum (resp.: nejnimpetu, sirmpetu); might also encompass angular momentum (cnampetu, typically three-vector). See also nejni, nejnimpetu, sirmpetu, ocnerta, tcelerita, cnampetu
gismu rafsi: tam tai x1 [ideal] is the conceptual shape/form of object/abstraction/manifestation x2 (object/abstract). Also pattern; x1 is the mathematical or theoretical ideal form, while x2 is an object/event manifesting that form; e.g. circular/circle-shaped (= cukseltai) vs. circle (=cuktai, while cukla alone is ambiguous); model (= ci'ersaptai, saptai, ci'ersmitai, smitai). See alse nejni, te marji for physical shape, tapla, bliku, kubli, kurfa, cukla, mapti, morna, sarlu.