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mi mitysisku lo sunla skaci lo nenri be lo vi kumfa
I'm looking for a woolen skirt among things in this room.
lo nakpinji be lo bakni pu klama lo nenri be lo vibna
The bull's penis entered the vagina.
do ba nenri sau lo nu do cusku lo ckiku valsi
You enter with the requirement of saying a password.
mi sisku lo ka te ciska vau lo nenri be lo nilce
I'm searching in the furniture for something that one can write on.
do pu virnu lo ka klama lo nenri be lo jelca dinju
It was brave of you to enter the burning house.
gismu rafsi: bar x1 is on the outside of x2; x1 is exterior to x2. See also jibni, nenri, sruri, lamji, korbi, calku, vasru.
lujvo x2=c1 is space/hyperspace/volume/region/room occupied by x1=c2. se canlu; see also xabju, zvati, nenri, sakci
gismu rafsi: nuj x1 is a sandwich/layering [not restricted to food] of x2 sandwiched between x3. See also midju, nenri, sepli, senta, jbini, bitmu, sruri.
lo nenri be lo cirkulo be li re pi'i ry cu klani li pai pi'i ry te'o re
The area of a circle of diameter "2 × r" is equal to π × r^2.
gismu rafsi: jbi x1 is near/close to/approximates x2 in property/quantity x3 (ka/ni). See also darno, nenri, vanbi, jbini, lamji, zvati, cpana, bartu, diklo, stuzi.
gismu rafsi: set x1 is a layer/stratum [shape/form] of x2 [material] within structure/continuum/composite x3. See also flecu, nenri, rirxe, sepli, snuji, jbini, bitmu, sruri, serti.
gismu rafsi: rur sru x1 encircles/encloses/is surrounding x2 in direction(s)/dimension(s)/plane x3. (jinsru =) x1 is a ring/belt/band/girdle around/circling/ringing x2 near total containment in some dimension(s). See also karli, senta, snuji, vanbi, se nenri, se jbini, bartu, djine.
gismu rafsi: vas vau x1 contains/holds/encloses/includes contents x2 within; x1 is a vessel containing x2. [also accommodates, container; containment need not be total; x2 is Contained. in x1 (= selvau for reordered places)]; See also bartu, jbini, nenri, zvati, cpana, botpi, lanka.
ko'a simlu lo ka zarci i je lo so'i prenu ta'e klama lo nenri ce'o bartu i ji'a cinri fa lo nu pa canko be ko'a cu spofu
ko'a looks like a store, many people go in and out. In addition, it's interesting that there is a window in ko'a that is broken.
lo du'u lo prina be fi lo nixli jamfu cu nenri lo dinju cu logji lo du'u la alis pu zvati ti
By the fact that there are footprints of a girl inside the house, I conclude that Alice was here.
ba zi lo nu lo vorme co'a kalri vau le nakni pu klama lo nenri tai lo nu mi'a ca'o denpa tu'a le nakni
As soon as the door opened, he got in as if we were waiting for him.