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cmavo digit/number: minus sign; negative number); default any negative.
ni'u zei ionti
zei-lujvo x1 is an anion of radical/(atom of element)x2 with x3 charges. Cf. ionti, {ma'u zei ionti}, lektoni, xumsle.
li ni'u muno ji'i se jacke'o
The temperature is virtually fifty degrees below zero.
mitre be li ni'u ci gei su'e mu
It's up to 5·10-³ meters.
li ni'u ci cu nu'a va'a li ma'u ci
-3 is the result of applying the expression -(+3).
li ni'u ci du li re vu'u mu
'-3 = 2 - 5'.
bu'u nau'u fasnu ca lo ni'u ci moi'o be lo nanca bei lo ni'u vo moi'o be lo djedi
It happened right here three years and four days ago.
la .tom. cu cliva ca lo ni'u so'o moi'o be lo cacra
Tom left hours ago.
li te'o te'a vei ka'o pi'i pai ve'o du li ni'u pa
e^(i × π) = -1.
experimental cmavo on (n)-th day from a given point (by default from today) "ni'u de'ei / yesterday", "no de'ei / today", "pa de'ei / tomorrow". When tagging a sumti, the sumti specifies the given point. See also zu'oi, djedi
lujvo m1=n1 is a negative number relative to origo m2. Cf. ni'u, nonmecna'u, fatna'u, zmana'u.
cmavo-compound digit/number: least contextually-possible number = ro + ne'e. Could mean ni'uro, no/no'ai, or even "400/600" (SAT score), depending on context. See da'ane'e
lujvo z1=n1 is a positive number relative to origin z2. Cf. ni'u, nonmecna'u, fatna'u, mecna'u, nonmau, ma'u.
experimental cmavo Prefix division by following unit selbri Cf. pi'ai, te'ai, fi'u. Essentially attaches "te'ai ni'u pa" to all subsequent unit-selbri in the tanru. E.g. "pi'ai ki'otre fei'u cacra" = "pi'ai ki'otre cacra te'ai ni'u pa" = "kilometers per hour"; "pi'ai mitre fei'u snidu snidu" = meters per second per second. May even be used without pi'ai: "fei'u snidu" = reciprocal of the second / hertz
experimental cmavo digit/number: liminal zero; neither positive nor negative Mathematically equivalent to no, but implies existence of both positive and negative values, especially on a scale (va'e/va'ei e.g.). Cf. no'ai, no'e, ma'u, ni'u
fu'ivla x1 is an ion of radical/(atom of element)x2 with x3 charges c.f. {ma'u zei ionti}, {ni'u zei ionti}, lektoni, xumsle.