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gismu rafsi: cte x1 is a nighttime of day x2 at location x3; (adjective:) x1 is at night/nocturnal. Tonight (= cabycte); tomorrow night (= bavlamcte, even when tonight is still in the future); last night (= prulamcte). See also donri, djedi, tcika.
pu nicte
It was night.
nicte coi
Nightly greetings!
nicte co'o
nicte di'ai
Good night! (a well-wish)
manku je vilti'a nicte
It was a dark and stormy night.
xamgu nicte di'ai
Good night!
melbi nicte di'ai
Good night.
lo nicte puzi cfari
The night is young.
lo cabna cu nicte
Now it's night. At present it's night.
lo nicte cu pluka
The night is pleasant.
pluka nicte di'ai
Pleasant night!
pluka nicte di'ai
Good night.
pluka nicte di'ai
Good night!
ja'o carvi ca lo nicte
It must have rained during the night.
ko'a klama lo nicte ckule
She goes to night school.