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lujvo n1 is the temperature of g1 measured on scale n2. Cf. glare, lenku, kelvo.
lo'e mivyxadni ku sutra tikygau tu'a vo'a seja'e lo nilgla nuncenba
The body quickly adjusts itself to changes in temperature.
fu'ivla x1 is the Boltzmann k_B constant linking energy with temperature [approximately equal to: 1.380 6488(13)×10^{−23} J/K], expressed in units x2 (default: unitless/dimensionless and equal to 1) in paradigm/system/metaphysics/universe x3 (default: this, our actual, physical universe) Introduced by Planck (along with "h", his own eponymous constant); named after Boltzmann who nonetheless laid the foundation for research into such affairs. See also: stefanboltsemasi (sigma_SB), plankexu, tcelerita, gravnutnoia, avgadro, ocnerta, nejni, kelvo, nilgla.