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lujvo ni1 is the age [elapsed duration] of c1 by standard c2
lo mamta be mi cu dunda lo selkei fi mi ca li bi nilnalci'o mi
My mom bought me this toy when I was 8.
lujvo z1=c1 is younger than z2 by amount z4. Cf. nilnalci'o, zatra'i, citme'a, citmle.
lujvo t1=c1 is youngest among t4. Cf. citmau, nilnalci'o, zatra'i, jbena.
lujvo ni1 is the age of j1 from time/event t2 (default: birth) until reference time on scale ni3 (default: [{month}, year]). See also: nilnalci'o and zatra'i.
lujvo f1 ages / passes through time into future form f2 = b1 from current / past / earlier form f3 = b2 through stages f4. Made from balvi + farvi. Cf. citno, nilnalci'o.
gismu rafsi: cit ci'o x1 is young/youthful [relatively short in elapsed duration] by standard x2. Also age (= nilnalci'o); (adjective:) x1 is junior. See also laldo, cnino, slabu, verba.