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lujvo x1 needs to go to location x2 for purpose/action x3 See klama, nitcu, zvatcu, bilga, cliva, ei
gismu rafsi: lac x1 relies/depends/counts on/trusts x2 to bring about/ensure/maintain x3 (event/state). See also minde, nitcu, tinbe.
lujvo n1 needs n2 to be satisfied for reason x3. n2 must be a physical object, not an event; for that, use djica. See also: mansa, nitcu
gismu rafsi: pid x1 is poor/indigent/impoverished/lacking in goods/possessions/property x2. x2 is scanty/meager/lacking for x1. See also ricfu, claxu, nitcu, pikci.
cmevla name: "Someone", aka "the god of lazy people", used when the speaker is pushing responsibility to someone else unspecified See datpre, ei, bilga, nitcu, sarcu // Native-Lojban variant: {la dzapre} / {la su'oda}
gismu rafsi: sa'u x1 (abstract) is necessary/required for continuing state/process x2 under conditions x3. Also factually necessary, necessity, prerequisite, condition, precondition. See also cmavo list sau, nitcu.
lujvo n1=s1 is insatiable in property n2=s2 despite input n3=s3. Cf. nitcu, stodi, mansa, banzu.
gismu x1 thirsts for x2; x1 needs/wants drink/fluid/lubrication x2. See also nitcu, djica, xagji, pinxe.
gismu x1 hungers for x2; x1 needs/wants food/fuel x2. See also cidja, citka, djica, nitcu, taske.
lujvo x1 needs to be present at location x2 for purpose/action x3 See zvati, nitcu, klatcu, bilga, cliva, ei
.i sa'e mi nitcu xa le cacra seri'a le nu mi milxe xamgu pensi .iji'a mi nitcu ze le cacra seri'a le nu mi gleki
Precisely speaking, I need six hours to at least think straight. Additionally, I need seven hours to be happy.
ca ma do cliva se ka'a lo lunra .i ro mi'a nitcu do
When will you leave for the Moon? We all need you.
xu mi nitcu le nu le mikce ku curmi kei le nu mi pilno le velmicyxu'i
Do I need doctor's permission to use this medicine?
lo gerku pe la tom pu nitcu lo nu klama lo bartu
Tom's dog needed to go outside.
mi'o nitcu lo ka stogau lo ni velve'u kei lo ka cmalu
We must keep down expenses.
xu mi ba nitcu le nu zasti .i la'e di'u cu se preti
To be or not to be, that is the question.