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mi penmi no da poi certu ta'i lo nu tcidu lo cukta kei lo boljinterjvi e si'a lo fange bangu
I've never met anyone who was able to learn how to play basketball just by reading a book. The same holds true for learning foreign languages as well.
loi rirni pu zvati lo barja i ca bo loi verba cu kansa no da bu'u lo zdani
The parents were in the bar; meanwhile the children were alone at home.
ca lo ka cinmo lo ka kansa no da vau do ko'oi morji lo se gleki be mi'o mokca
When you feel lonely, remember the happy moments we had together.
li my pa dy pa ze ny re no pa mu detri lo nu mi co'a tadni la lojban
January 17, 2015 is the date when I started studying Lojban.
mi lojbo no drata be lo ka se cinri la lojban i je mi na tavla bau la lojban
I'm a Lojbanic person only in that I'm interested in Lojban; I don't speak it.
mi pu salci lo nu mi nanca be li pa no vau lo ka litru la nipon
I celebrated my 10th birthday by traveling to Japan.
li cy pa no my mu sy re ze tcika le nu le jakne co'a vofli vau la nipon
10:05:27 (Japanese timezone) is when the rocket started the flight.
lujvo ni1=no1 is a lady, considered noble in culture/society/standard no2. Cf. nobli.
lujvo c1 is asexual in situation c2 by standard c4. Cf. no, cinse.
lujvo x1 is nonsense/nonsensical to x2. See also no smuni
cmavo pro-bridi: preceding bridi; in answer to a yes/no question, repeats the claim, meaning yes.
cmavo attitudinal: love - no love lost - hatred. See also prami.
lujvo x1 is uncontended/is unchallenged/faces no resistence about x2
ganai lo du'u fi ro da poi javni fa de nafselte'i ku javni gi da'o da poi javni fi node nafselte'i
If "every rule has at least one exception" is a rule, then at least one rule has no exception.
ja'o dai le za'u sonci pu cliva le tcadu mu'o nai loi mi tadni
As you may conclude, the soldiers left the city ... no, that's not the end of the story, my students.
ii ro'o nai mi na drani punji le tanxe
No, not that it requires physical work, but I'm afraid I might not put the box correctly.