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lujvo m1 (number) is less than 0 by amount m4 (number); m1 is a negative number. See also: nonmau, mleca, no.
cmavo-compound digit/number: least contextually-possible number = ro + ne'e. Could mean ni'uro, no/no'ai, or even "400/600" (SAT score), depending on context. See da'ane'e
fu'ivla x1 gives x2 (li) fucks about x3. A smaller x2 means less caring. Use of vague numbers is obviously permitted. (Why not?) "Barely give a shit" (= "gleua li so'u") "Doesn't give a fuck" (= "gleua li no"). Numbers can be made to lujvo with this to create pseudo-words meaning "to give no fucks" (= "no zei gleua"). Of course, this word can be used positively (= "gleua li so'e") to mean something like "I care a great deal!"
experimental cmavo digit/number: exact, exactly equal to, no more and no less, mathematically ideally (no measuring or rounding error) In the su'e and su'o family. In some sense, it is equivalent to su'e je su'o; in some sense, it emphasizes the exact equality; but it also can distinguish results from data/measurements and mathematical truths. See also: su'ai.
experimental cmavo at a point on time axis temjudri modal. See also de'i and ti'u. ex.) su'o da nuntumdesku te'i li re no pa mu pi'e mu pi'e ci no pi'e re no pi'e re vo noi sinxa lo mentu ku'o te te'i u'y ty cy xi ma'u so (There was an earthquake at 2015-05-30 20:24 UTC+9.) / su'o da nuntumdesku te'i li re vo mu ze pa ze re pi so ze mu te te'i la juli'us (There was an earthquake at 2457172.975 of Julian date.)
fu'ivla x1 is a shrimp/prawn [general: no restrictions] of taxon/species/type x2 See also: praune (freshwater only), crimpui (marine only).
fu'ivla d1 is a pigeon pea/Gandule bean/tropical green pea/kadios/Congo pea/gungo pea/fio-fio/mgbụmgbụ/no-eye pea from plant [legume] d2 (genus Cajanus).
obsolete fu'ivla x1 is an aspect of / a part of The Force connecting / within x2 No attempt at good fu'ivla making was harmed in the creation of this word.
fu'ivla x1 is the country with the code ISO-3166 ''NO'' (Norway) for people x2. See also gugde
experimental cmavo evidential: I intuit... / I suspect... Contains no negative connotation. See jijnu, jijyji'i, pe'i
experimental cmavo attitudinal: devoidness of emotion (neutral by absence of emotion) - overwhelmed by/replete with/overflowing with (seemingly all) emotion Carries no positive or negative connotations. In some sense, the "empty attitudinal".
lujvo x1=z1 voluntarily does action x2=z2=b2 to achieve goal x3=z3 In the sense: Doing something, when refusing would have no repercussions. Unpaid action not implied.
experimental cmavo almost none/almost no/almost nowhere (technical sense): the subset of satisfactory such things is null Can be used as a quantifier. See also: soi'a, pisoi'u
fu'ivla x1 reflects Esperanto culture/nationality/language in aspect x2. Cf. pa'arbau. No corresponding nation exists at the moment.
experimental cmavo digit/number: liminal zero; neither positive nor negative Mathematically equivalent to no, but implies existence of both positive and negative values, especially on a scale (va'e/va'ei e.g.). Cf. no'ai, no'e, ma'u, ni'u
lujvo ni1=j1=no1 is a Duke/Baron/Count/Earl/Marquess/ [titled noble of middle rank] ruling j2 under culture/standard no2. Cf. nobli, jitro, nanmu, noltroni'u, noltruni'u, nolraitru, balnoltru.