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gismu rafsi: not noi x1 is a message/notice/memorandum about subject x2 from author x3 to intended audience x4. Emphasis on brevity, single or identifiable subject (contrast with xatra: the emphasis in notci is on the single or cohesively focused subject, while the audience is less defined - indeed only an 'intended' audience. xatra need not have a single or focussed subject - its corresponding place is for 'content'); reminder/memo/note (= mojnoi). See also xatra, nuzba, mrilu, morji.
fi la .tom. cu fonxa notci mi
Tom texted me.
.o'a nai mi mrilu le notci lo srera noigri
Oops, I posted the message to the wrong newsgroup.
ti cmima lo klesi be lo notci bei lo drata
This is another type of message.
mi pu mrilu lo notci fu lo kibro
I sent a message via the internet.
le turni ba cusku lo notci be lo cnino jikni
The governor will announce a new economic system.
ganai lo nu ko'a klama cu lerci gi ko dunda le vi notci ko'a
If she should come late, give her this message.
lo notci be lo se lidne nunpe'i cu se punji fi lo vrogai
A notice about the next meeting was posted on the door.
xunai do jinvi lo du'u do ei ciska cusku lo ckire notci lo za'u ra
Don't you think you ought to write them a thank-you note?
ti cradi lo vajni notci lo tordu boxna lo se bevri
This is a radio transmitter sending important messages on short waves to portable receivers.
mi pu cusku fi lo jatna fe lu mi'a pu'o djuno li'u noi notci lo cipra
I made a statement to the boss about the experiment: "We don't know yet."
mi pu tcidu lo liste be lo notci noi te porsi lo ka se benji ca ma kau
I read a log of messages, which were sorted in the order of being sent.
lujvo n3 notifies / reports about n2 in message n1 to audience n4. Cf. notci.
lujvo r1 hypes r2=g1=c1. Cf. gubni, misno, casnu, notci.
lujvo n1 is an invoice/bill to debtor d1=n4 for amount owed d2 to creditor d3=n3 for goods/services d4. Cf. dejni, notci, janta.
lujvo g1=n1 is an advertisement about subject n2 from author n3 to audience g2=n4. Cf. gubni, notci, vecnu.