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lujvo x1 is a warning message to intended audience x2 about danger x3 from author x4. See also kajde, notci
lujvo n1 is an instruction for n2=m3 (event/state) to occur, issued by n3=m1 for intended recipient n4=m2. Cf. minde, notci
lujvo n1 is the annual report of company/corporation/organization k1. Cf. nanca, kagni, notci, kagyselpo'e, kagyseldejni, prali.
lujvo c1 announces/proclaims c2 (sedu'u/text/lu'e concept) for audience c3=n4 via expressive medium c4. Cf. notci, cusku.
lujvo c1 notes down c2 on display/storage medium c3 with writing implement c4. Cf. notci, ciska, selmojnoi.
lujvo c1 announces/proclaims c2 (sedu'u/text/lu'e concept) for audience c3=n4 via expressive medium c4. Cf. notci, cusku.
gismu rafsi: nuz x1 (du'u) is news/tidings/new information about subject x2 from source x3, to observer x4. See also cnino, notci.
lujvo no1 is a news/press release with news nu1 about subject nu2=no2 issued by no3 for audience no4. Cf. nuzba, notci.
lujvo n1 is an autobiography/resumé/home page of n2=n3, intended for n4. Cf. skicu, notci, skami, samseltcana, ueb
lujvo cu1=ci1 expresses in writing cu2=ci2 for audience cu3 using display/storage medium ci3 with writing implement ci4. Cf. ci'arfi'i, cukta, karni, notci.
lujvo n1=d1 is a report about n2=d2 from reporter n3 to intended audience n4. Cf. datni, notci, djuno, nuzba, lanli.
gismu rafsi: moj mo'i x1 remembers/recalls/recollects fact(s)/memory x2 (du'u) about subject x3. See also cmavo list ba'anai, menli, pensi, sanji, djuno, notci.
lujvo n1 is an advertisement about n2=v2 by n3=v1 to intended audience n4=v3. Cf. vecnu, notci, venynoicu'u, zairsnucu'u, karni, cradi, tivni.
lujvo x1=n1 is a message reminding facts x2=m2 about x3=m3=n2 from author x4=n3=g1 to intended audience x5=n4=m1. Cf. selmojnoi, mojgau, notci'a, gasnu, notci.
gismu rafsi: mri x1 mails/posts [transfer via intermediary service] x2 to recipient address x3 from mailbox/post office/sender address x4 by carrier/network/system x5. Also x4 post office, mailbox. (cf. benji In which the medium need not be a 3rd party service/system, and x2 need not consist of discrete units. notci, xatra, tcana)
lujvo x1=n1 is a memorandum stating facts x2=m2 about x3=m3=n2 from author x4=n3 to intended audience x5=n4=m1 who should remember x2 about x3. Cf. morji, notci, mojgaunoi, notci'a.