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lujvo c1 the advertising business/activity/function about goods/products/services/activities n2=v2 from/by n2=v1 to audience n4=v3. Cf. vecnu, notci, cuntu, venynoi, zaircu'u, zairsnucu'u, venxatrycu'u, zacfoncu'u, faircu'u, vencu'u.
gismu rafsi: xa'a x1 is a letter/missive/[note] to intended audience x2 from author/originator x3 with content x4. (cf. notci, which has places in a different order; the emphasis in xatra is on the communication between author and recipient, and not the content, which in a letter may not easily be categorized to a 'subject'; ciska, mrilu, papri)