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pe'i xauzma fa lo nu na troci
I think it's better not to try it.
ca'e lo nu gunka ku mulno
The work is hereby done.
pe'i lo nu mi'ai na frili kakne lo nu benji la nomoi cu mukti .ei lo nu mi'ai na troci lo nu benji ja vecnu lo remoi
In my opinion, the fact that we can't easily send the zeroth one should be a reason for us not to try to send and sell the second one.
ma stuzi lo nu kacmyterxra ti
Where was this picture taken?
mi bilga lo nu zvati noda
I don't have anywhere I need to be.
nalcumki fa lo nu zukte ra
It is impossible to do it.
ko curmi lo nu ko'a xagji
Let him go hungry.
do na kakne lo nu cliva
You can't leave.
mi djica lo nu do na cliva
You can't leave.
do na kakne lo nu viska
You can't see.
do na kakne lo nu sisti
You can't stop.
frili lo nakni fa lo nu pedbi'o
It's easy for him to make friends.
frili lo fetsi fa lo nu pedbi'o
It's easy for her to make friends.
lo nakni pu djica lo nu tikygau
He wanted change.
do pu djica lo nu tikygau
You wanted to change it.
lo zerpre pu troci lo nu rupructcica
The criminal attempted to launder money.