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lujvo n1 is a fight/battle in which d1 fights d2 over issue d3 (abstract). Cf. nu, damba, nunda'a, terjvi.
lujvo n1 is a pause by d1 for/until d2 at state d3 before starting/continuing d4 (activity/process). Cf. nu, denpa.
lujvo n1 is a pause by d1 for/until d2 at state d3 before starting/continuing d4 (activity/process). Cf. nu, denpa, nunde'a.
lujvo x1=n1 is joy of x2=g1 from x3=g2 cf. nu, gleki
lujvo n1 is a game played by k1 playing with plaything/toy k2 Cf. nu, kelci, terjvi, ci'erkei.
lujvo n1 is a trial/judgement/arbitration with judge/arbitrator/referee p1 determining/deciding matter p2. Cf. nu, pajni, nunflapai, flapaizda.
lujvo x1 is a meeting between x2 and x3 at/in location x4. Cf. nu, penmi, nunjmaji, jdijmaji.
lujvo n1 is self-restraint shown by f1=s2 from nu sevzi fanta c.f. sezyfanta
lujvo n1 is engineering in branch s2 based on methodology s3 from nu saske zukte
lujvo n1 is the effort of t1 trying/attempting to do/attain t2 (event/state/property) by actions/method t3 from nu troci
lujvo n1 is the freedom of z1 doing z2 under condition z3. Cf. nu, zifre, kamyzi'e, selzi'e, zi'ejva.
lujvo no1 is a news/press release with news nu1 about subject nu2=no2 issued by no3 for audience no4. Cf. nuzba, notci.
lujvo x1 (agent) convinces / persuades / motivates x2 (agent) to do/be x3 (ka/nu/zu'o) by means/motivation x4 (nu) See mukti, gasnu. See bitygau for another sense of "convince/persuade".
gismu rafsi: vef x1 takes revenge on/retaliates against x2 (person) for wrong x3 (nu) with vengeance x4 (nu). Also avenge; (adjective:) x1 is vengeful. See also sfasa, cnemu.
lujvo n1 is Easter celebrated by s1 with activities s3 from xriso cliva nu salci c.f. xisyjbenunsla
mi na djuno lo nu ra jdice lo nu cliva
I didn't know he had decided to leave.