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lo nu na djica cu du lo nu ponse
Not wanting is the same as having.
lo nu ctuca ku rinka lo nu farvi
Education is the agent of progress.
ko'a gleki lo nu pu snada ta poi nu kamjunmre
He was happy that he passed that exam.
lo nu damva'u lo nu se feprykenra cu rinkyra'a
There is a connection between smoking and lung cancer.
mi djuno lo nu do djuno lo nu mi djuno
I know that you know that I know.
ja'o lo nu sisti lo nu blucri cu seltcu selgau
Something has to be done to stop the bleeding.
lo bifce nu tunta ka'e jai ri'a nu carmi cortu
A bee sting can be very painful.
lo nu snuti cu jalge lo nu ko'a narviska'e
The accident happened because they could not see clearly.
la tom djica lo nu cilre fi le nu limna
Tom wants to learn to swim.
lo'e nu nitcu cu pe'a mamta lo'e nu finti
Necessity is the mother of invention.
lo'e nu da viska de cu nu da krici de
Seeing is believing.
lo nu ctuca cu rinka lo nu farvi
Education is the agent of progress.
mi sruma lo nu racli vau lo nu ca'o smaji
I think it'd be rational to continue keeping silence.
ra nelci lo nu jukpa
He likes to cook.
ra nelci lo nu bajra
She likes to run.
mi bilga lo nu sipna
I have to go to sleep.