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lujvo x1 is a meeting between x2 and x3 at/in location x4. Cf. nu, penmi, nunjmaji, jdijmaji.
ca le nunpe'i cu jibmatygau la tom. lo'i selzu'e ku poi barda
During the meeting, Tom was assigned to a long list of action items.
lo notci be lo se lidne nunpe'i cu se punji fi lo vrogai
A notice about the next meeting was posted on the door.
.i ko mi jungau fo lo bavla'i nunpe'i ja'e .au lo nu mi kakne co jukpa lo titnanba .e lo tcati .e lo ckafi
Let me know the next time you will visit, so I can make some cookies, tea and coffee.
lujvo jd1=jm1 assemble/meet/gather/[form a caucus]  to make decision(s) jd2 (du'u) about matter jd3 (event/state)  at location jm2. Cf. jdice, jmaji, nunjmaji, nunpe'i.
lujvo x1 is a gathering/meeting/assembly/conclave/conference/ congregation/congress/convention/encounter/get-together/reunion of participants x2 at location x3 from locations x4. Cf. nu, jmaji, jdijmaji, nunpe'i for a meeting between two parties.