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mi tcidu lo karni be lo pu zi nuzba
I'm reading a magazine about recent news.
lo nuzba be le tcini pu se terpa
News about the situation were frightening.
nuzba fa lo nu mi pu te vecnu lo fonxa
The news are that I bought a phone.
lujvo no1 is a news/press release with news nu1 about subject nu2=no2 issued by no3 for audience no4. Cf. nuzba, notci.
mi pu cusku lo preti noi du lu ma nuzba li'u
I asked a question, "What are the news?"
gismu rafsi: nin ni'o x1 is new/unfamiliar/novel to observer x2 in feature x3 (ka) by standard x4; x1 is a novelty. See also nuzba, slabu, citno, se djuno.
lujvo n1=d1 is a report about n2=d2 from reporter n3 to intended audience n4. Cf. datni, notci, djuno, nuzba, lanli.
gismu rafsi: not noi x1 is a message/notice/memorandum about subject x2 from author x3 to intended audience x4. Emphasis on brevity, single or identifiable subject (contrast with xatra: the emphasis in notci is on the single or cohesively focused subject, while the audience is less defined - indeed only an 'intended' audience. xatra need not have a single or focussed subject - its corresponding place is for 'content'); reminder/memo/note (= mojnoi). See also xatra, nuzba, mrilu, morji.