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cmavo logical connective: sumti afterthought biconditional/iff/if-and-only-if.
zoi .mifr.cni rni dn.mifr. mifra lu coi ro do li'u lo ka zo o pe ce'u se basti zo n pe ce'u
cni rni dn is an encoded Lojban phrase "coi ro do" where "n" is a replacement for "o".
O, joy!
do o nai ko'oi mi co'a morsi
Either you or I die!
do o nai mi lumci le kumfa
Either you clean the room or I do.
bu-letteral letteral for o.
la tom o la meris klama lo zarci
Tom goes to the market if and only if Mary goes to the market.
mi citka lo najnimre .o nai lo badna
I eat either oranges or bananas.
la alis o la kevin cu lumci lo kumfa
Either both Alice and Kevin clean a room or none.
ko na co'u prami fraxu mi doi le cevni
Do not withhold Your tender mercies from me, O Lord.
doi murmura co grusi ko na murmura i lo rirpa'u ka'e tirna
O grey pussycat, please don't purr. Grandpa might hear you.
lo mango o nai bo lo plise o nai bo lo perli pi'u lo xunre a bo lo pelxu cu vo mei
The cross product of mangoes, apples and pears that are either red or yellow has 6 members.
.i la .tam. na slabu la .meris. .o lo mensi be ri
Tom doesn't know either Mary or her sister.
cmevla Jacob With French pronunciation /ʒa.kɔb/, where /ɔ/ is changed to its Lojban approximation /o/
experimental cmavo letteral for o. Synonymous with the original CLL definition of .obu.
la obamas pu xusra lo du'u la romni cu tolmo'i tu'a lo se jinvi be ri i je cu'u O boi R kanpe lo nu do'o si'a tolmo'i
Obama said that Romney is forgetting what his own positions are — "and he's betting that you will too".