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cmavo attitudinal: pride - modesty/humility - shame. See also jgira, cumla, ckeji.
o'a nai la alis nu'o bredi
What a shame, Alice is not ready yet.
.o'a ju'i mamta mi kakne lo ka tcidu
Look Mummy, I can read!
.o'a cu'i ba'e mi lumci pi su'o po'o lo loldi
Oh, *I* mopped only some part of the floor.
.o'a nai mi mrilu le notci lo srera noigri
Oops, I posted the message to the wrong newsgroup.
o'a ca ti mi kakne lo ka limna
Now I am able to swim.
mi pu bilga o'a cu'i i fe bo mi sidju
It was just my duty, so I helped.
o'a nai se'i mi pu mrilu fi lo na drani
Oops, I mailed to a wrong address.
experimental cmavo Attitudinal: offended/insulted - unoffended - deserving and accepting Confer: jgicro, .oi, .o'a
experimental cmavo attitudinal: triumph/victory - draw/tie/inconclusive - defeat/loss Does not imply superiority. Related to: io, o'a, ui, oinai, uo, u'a.