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cmavo-compound logical connective: sumti afterthought exclusive or; Latin 'aut'.
roda onai noda
All or nothing.
mi .onai do klama lo zarci
Either I or you go to the market.
ko tolcando gasnu tu'a lo jmive .onai tu'a lo morsi
Get busy living or get busy dying.
la tom onai la meris klama lo zarci
Either Tom or Mary go to the market, but not both.
experimental cmavo nonlogical connective (and mekso operator) - symmetric difference of sets 'X1 jo'ei'i X2' is equivalent to 'X1 kei'i X2 jo'ei X2 kei'ibo X1'. Analogous to .onai (logical XOR).
lujvo x1 and x2 have a different truth value; only one of x1 and x2 is true See also .onai, jetydu'i, kaxyje'u, vlinyje'u.