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la edvard pu cusku zo'e ne le pa gerku
Eduard said something about the dog.
ko catlu lo pa karce pe zu'a do
Look at a car to the left of you.
experimental cmavo Converts PA into tense; in [number (usually nonspecific)] possible futures where [sumti (du'u)] is true Possible futures, given the actual past and present; what might happen. Cf. mu'ei.
fu'ivla x1 is the country with the code ISO-3166 ''PA'' (Panama) for people x2. See also gugde
fu'ivla x1 is measured in currency with code ISO-4217 ''TOP'' (Tonga, Pa''anga) as x2 (number). See also rupnu, jdini
experimental cmavo shows that the first two places have a reciprocal relation 'mi do su'ei damba' is the same as 'mi do se xi vei pa .e re damba' and means "We fight with each other"
experimental cmavo scalar subscript Subscripts words with a PA-number (often subjective), indicating va'e/va'ei scale value.
experimental cmavo elliptical/unspecified/vague single-symbol (general) Might mean either bo'e (BY) or xo'e (PA), or any other single-symbol selma'o elliptical.
experimental cmavo unary mathematical operator: successor/augment/increment (by one), succ(a) = a++ = a+1 See also: su'i pa, pau'oi, balvi, jersi, selyli'e, rebla, lamji
experimental cmavo Prefix division by following unit selbri Cf. pi'ai, te'ai, fi'u. Essentially attaches "te'ai ni'u pa" to all subsequent unit-selbri in the tanru. E.g. "pi'ai ki'otre fei'u cacra" = "pi'ai ki'otre cacra te'ai ni'u pa" = "kilometers per hour"; "pi'ai mitre fei'u snidu snidu" = meters per second per second. May even be used without pi'ai: "fei'u snidu" = reciprocal of the second / hertz
lujvo l1 (quoted letteral) is the first letter of the word v1. Only a single letter(al) is allowed for l1. Both the letteral and the word must be quoted. See also: lerfu, pa, moi, valsi, leryrolmoivla.
lujvo pi1 is a cross section/tomogram, a picture of slice pa1=pi2 of pa2 made by pi3 in medium pi4. samterpli pa'oxra = CAT scan. There is another kind of tomogram which may be better termed tadmijyxra.
lujvo j1 has the rank of Lieutenant/1st Lieutenant (equivalent of NATO OF-1) in military unit /organization j2. Cf. pa, moi, jatna, jemja'a, vairsoi, relmoija'a. Based on STANAG 2116: NATO Codes for Grades of Military Personnel.
lujvo d1 is in the same row(s) as d2, row(s) pa1=pi1 is a part of whole/mass pa2 in frame of reference pi2. x3 could be a table/chart, but also some other object. See also: same column (=rajypaudu'i).
li fy pe li xy cu fancu li ma'u li ma'u no me'o vei xy su'i pa ve'o pi'i vei xy vu'u pa ve'o
f(x) = (x + 1) (x − 1), where x > 1, f(x) > 0.
experimental cmavo PA incidental relative clause; attaches to a PA number/numeral/digit with the ke'a referring to that PA number/numeral/digit. It attaches to the last mentioned PA, which can be only a single digit within a number rather than the entire number itself (if it has digit length greater than one in some base). Thus, beware of grouping. Confer: poi'a, jau'au. The attachment of this word to the immediately preceding word can be ovverriden by the usage of xe'au, which begins bracketing together an utterance/subexpression that will be considered to be the single and whole referent of the clause introduced by this word, wthe utterance of which also finishes the bracket. There is a proposal to expand the attachment of this word to any word spoken in a mekso utterance (rather than only members of selma'o PA), including members of selma'o VUhU, etc.