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do ce mi pu casnu da i la'e di'u pu cacra li ji'i pa
There was something you and I discussed. And that lasted for approximately an hour.
la kevin cu pa moi i la edvard cu re moi i li'o
Kevin is the first. Eduard is the second, and so on.
pa mo'o pu zu ku zasti fa lo nanmu e lo ninmu
Chapter 1. Long ago lived a man and a woman.
ko tcidu lo te fendi poi pa pi'e ci mu moi
Read the section 1.35.
me'o re pi mu saclu li mu fe'i re li pa no
2.5 is the decimal equivalent of the fraction 5/2 in base 10.
lo saclu be li pai bei li pa no cu cimni lo ka clani
The decimal expansion of the number π (pi) is infinitely long.
mu'o nai ro selci be lo xadni cu cmima pa lo so'i klesi
Furthermore, each cell in the body belongs to one out of many classes.
lo vi foldi cu mitre te'ai re li pa no no
This field is 100 square meters.
li te'o te'a vei ka'o pi'i pai ve'o du li ni'u pa
e^(i × π) = -1.
li vei ci su'i pa ve'o pi'i re du li bi
(3 + 1) x 2 = 8.
ra zmadu mi lo ka tilju vau lo ki'ogra be li pa no
He weighs ten more kilograms than I do.
la alis pu cliva zu lo nanca be li pa no
Alice left ten years ago (a long time).
lujvo j1 has the rank of Field Marshall/General of the Army//Fleet Admiral/Marshall of the Air Force (equivalent of NATO OF-10) in military unit j2. Cf. pa, no, moi, jatna, jemja'a, vairsoi, sozmoija'a, bivmoija'a. Based on STANAG 2116: NATO Codes for Grades of Military Personnel.
lujvo f1=c1 [value] is a/the median/quartile/decile/percentile/fraction-type of median with numerator f2, denominator f3 in property/amount c2 (ka/ni) among p1 (s) (ordered set) by standard c4. Median (=porna'ofrinu li pa li re;porna'o). 1st quartile (=porna'ofrinu li pa li vo). 3rd decile (=porna'ofrinu li ci li pano). 5th percentile (=porna'ofrinu li mu li panono).
experimental cmavo at a point on time axis temjudri modal. See also de'i and ti'u. ex.) su'o da nuntumdesku te'i li re no pa mu pi'e mu pi'e ci no pi'e re no pi'e re vo noi sinxa lo mentu ku'o te te'i u'y ty cy xi ma'u so (There was an earthquake at 2015-05-30 20:24 UTC+9.) / su'o da nuntumdesku te'i li re vo mu ze pa ze re pi so ze mu te te'i la juli'us (There was an earthquake at 2457172.975 of Julian date.)
experimental cmavo turns number into pro-sumti: the abstraction described by the utterance denoted by that number and {mai} E.g. {mai'o pa} refers to the events or statements described earlier with pamai. Use lu'e to refer to the text. See goi'e, mai