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cmavo discursive: justice - prejudice. See also tcinydracu'a, tcinydrapai, vudypai.
pa'e le stasu cu xlali
In my unbiased opinion, the soup is terrible.
pa'e lo skina cu mutce xlali
My unbiased opinion is that the movie is awful.
pa'e nai la lojban. cu je'u xamgu
Of course I'm biased, but Lojban really is quite good.
pa'e nai lo za'u vi pixra poi mi finti cu te rai xamgu
Of course, I'm biased, but my paintings are the best.
lujvo x1 is fair/just/equitable/impartial/unprejudiced/unbiased in judging/refereeing/arbitrating/determining/deciding matter x2. See also pajni, nutli, pa'e
gismu rafsi: pa'e x1 is perfect/ideal/archetypical/faultless/flawless/un-improvable in property/aspect x2 (ka). Also without defect/error. See also manfo, curve, traji, cfila, mulno.