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cmevla Dad The rafsi for patfu used as a familar name. See also mam, bes, tix, bun, mes.
jbedetnunsla .uidai doi paf
Happy birthday, Dad.
ku'i la paf na ba nelci ra
But Dad won't like it.
la .paf. cu tolcando lonu ciska lo xatra
Father is busy writing letters.
fu'ivla x1 is the language with ISO 639-3 code ''paf'' (Paranaw√°t). See also bangu
cmevla Brother Cf. bruna, mes, mam, paf, bes, tix.
cmevla Mom/Mum The rafsi for mamta used as a familiar name. See also paf, bes, tix, bun, mes.
cmevla Sister Cf. mensi, bun, mam, paf, bes, tix.
cmevla Daughter Cf. tixnu, bes, mes, bun, mam, paf.
gismu rafsi: paf pa'u x1 is a father of x2; x1 begets/sires/acts paternal towards x2; [not necessarily biological]. See also mamta, rirni, rorci, tarbi, dzena, famti, panzi, bersa, sovda.