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gismu rafsi: pai x1 judges/referees/arbitrates/is a judge determining/deciding matter x2 (abstract). x2 includes jei = rule (jetpai), ni = estimate (lairpai), ka = evaluate (kairpai or vampai), or nu = referee/arbitrate (faurpai); single events of judging including specific decisions/judgements (= paijdi, jetpaijdi, lairpaijdi, kairpaijdi, vampaijdi, faurpaijdi); jury (= pairkamni), serve on a jury (= kamnypai, as part of mass x1). See also cuxna, jdice, vajni, cipra, zekri, manri, mansa.
lo lo pajni ku se jdice cu mulno
The judge's decision is final.
lo se jdice be lo pajni cu mulno
The judge's decision is final.
do pajni lo du'u xukau mi'ai ta ba klama
It's up to you to decide whether we'll go there or not.
le te cange pu pajni lo du'u xu kau lo grute cu makcu
The farmer was deciding whether fruits were ripe.
ba lo nu ko'a depyjdari zgatirna tu'a lo te patspu be fi le tertigni kei le pajni goi ko'a cu stika le jalge
After patiently listening to the audience's complaints, the judges changed the results.
lujvo x1 officially/authoritatively judges x2 (event/abstract) See catni, pajni
gismu x1 satisfies evaluator x2 in property (ka)/state x3. See also pajni.
gismu rafsi: cux cu'a x1 chooses/selects x2 [choice] from set/sequence of alternatives x3 (complete set). Also prefer (= nelcu'a). See also jdice, pajni, nelci.
lujvo z1 is a judicial court administering lawsuit p2=f2 for community f3. Cf. zdani, pajni, flalu.
fu'ivla x1 checks, inspects x2 for x3 (property of x2) See cipra, zgana, pajni
gismu rafsi: jdi x1 (person) decides/makes decision x2 (du'u) about matter x3 (event/state). See also pajni, cuxna, kanji, manri.
lujvo x1 considers x2 to have quality x3 (ka) ; x2 qualifies as / counts as being x3 according to x1 See ckaji, pajni, markai
lujvo p1 approves m1 for m2 in property aspect m3. Cf. mapti, pajni, zanru
lujvo n1 is a trial/judgement/arbitration with judge/arbitrator/referee p1 determining/deciding matter p2. Cf. nu, pajni, nunflapai, flapaizda.
fu'ivla x1 is orthodox/has correct opinion in aspect x2 See also lijda, pajni, jinvi, miasno, krici