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mi pu tirna lo sance be lo palta poi ca'o porpi
I heard the sound of a plate breaking.
gismu x1 is a cup/glass/tumbler/mug/vessel/[bowl] containing contents x2, and of material x3. A kabri is normally eaten from by lifting it; a palta is not. See also palta, citka, blaci, tansi.
lujvo d1 is a table knife for cutting food d2=c2, with blade of material d3. Cf. forca, smuci, palta.
gismu x1 is a tray/platter/flat container [pan/sheet/griddle] of contents x2, and made of material x3. Also pallet, when used for carrying rather than support on the ground; a tray is flat-bottomed and shallow or without a rim, and is generally portable. See also tansi, patxu, palta, ckana.
gismu rafsi: tas x1 is a pan/basin/tub/sink, a shallow container for contents x2, of material/properties x3. Also bowl. See also baktu, palne, palta, patxu, kabri for a bowl that is normally lifted for use, botpi.
le rirni pu sfasa le verba lo ka jai gau spofu fai lo palta vau lo ka na permite vo'e lo ka kelci bu'u lo zdani
The parent punished the child for breaking the plate by not allowing playing at home.
gismu rafsi: cka x1 is a bed/pallet of material x2 for holding/supporting x3 (person/object/event). See also kamju, kicne, nilce, palta, cpana, vreta, jubme, stizu, matci, zbepi, palne, sarji.