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gismu rafsi: pad x1 (agent) punctuates x2 (expression) with symbol/word x3 with syntactic/semantic effect x4. See also lerfu, basna, denpa.
mi pu pandi zoi gy.Alice.gy. lo cnita linji lo ka basna vo'e
I put an underline under the word "Alice" to put an emphasis on it.
gismu x1 emphasizes/accentuates/gives emphasis/stress/accent to x2 by (action) x3. Also: say forcefully. See also pandi.
lujvo x1=g1 (agent) marks x3=b2 with mark(s) x2=b1 of material x4=b3. Cf. barna, gasnu, tcita, pandi
gismu rafsi: dep de'a x1 awaits/waits/pauses for/until x2 at state x3 before starting/continuing x4 (activity/process). (x2 is an event, usually a point event); also: resuming x4. See also dicra, fanmo, sisti, fliba, pandi.
lujvo x1 is punctuation in orthography/language x2 representing x3 x1=l1=p3, x2=l2, x3=l3=p4. See pandi, lerfu
gismu rafsi: ler le'u x1 (la'e zo BY/word-bu) is a letter/digit/symbol in alphabet/character-set x2 representing x3. Also x1 glyph, rune, character (also me'o BY/word-bu), x2 symbol set; (adjective:) x1 is alphabetic/symbolic; "letteral" used by analogy with "numeral"; sinxa is the more generic symbol. See also mifra, namcu, sinxa, pandi.