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vi zdani lo patfu be mi
This house is my father's.
le mi patfu ca'o cadzu le panka
My father is taking a walk in the park.
ma se zvati lo patfu be mi
Where's my father?
ma se zvati le mi patfu
Where's my daddy?
ma se zvati lo do patfu
Where's your dad?
mi nelci lo mi patfu .iu
I love my dad.
ra na djuno lo nu makau patfu
She doesn't know who the father is.
ko tinju'i lo be do patfu
Listen to your father.
lo patfu be mi na xebni do
My dad doesn't hate you.
ma cmene le patfu be do
What is your father's name?
do mensi mi lo ka se patfu
You are my brother since we are born from the same father.
experimental gismu x1 is a non-binary-gendered parent of x2; x1, which does not subscribe/follow the gender binary (could be hermaphroditic, intersex, asexual, nongendered, transgender, etc.), begets/sires/acts parentally toward x2; [not necessarily biological] Specifies rirni so as to be co-equal to but neither patfu nor mamta. See also: dinti, rirni, mamta, patfu, nunmu.
lo patfu be mi cu cikre lo spofu stizu
My father fixed a broken chair.
uinai lo mi patfu cu klama lo jungo
Aw, my father's going to China.
ko'a pu cirko lo junla pe lo patfu be ko'a
He has lost his father's watch.
ti'e lo patfu be ra cu zvati lo bargu'e
I hear that his father is abroad.