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lujvo p1=s1 is alone, lacking the company of s2.
ko'a pavysei selzda lo ricfoi
He lives alone in the woods.
baziku do selsaubi'o lo ka pavysei selzda
Soon you'll get used to living by yourself.
lujvo g1 (person/agent) deprives c1 of c2. Cf. caucni, seicni, nonkansa, pavysei, xagji, nitcu, djica.
gismu rafsi: sep sei x1 is apart/separate from x2, separated by partition/wall/gap/interval/separating medium x3. Also aloof (= jiksei); alone (= rolsmisei meaning apart or unlike all others of its kind; pavysei, seirpavmei meaning "only" or "one alone" - do not use when talking about, for example, two people who are alone); x3 space. See also bitmu, snuji, senta, fendi, curve, jinsa, bitmu, marbi.