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cmavo restrictive relative phrase marker: which is associated with ...; loosest associative/possessive.
lujvo pe1 wonders about pe2=pr2.
lujvo pr1=pe1 is an intellectual thinking thoughts/reflecting upon pe2.
lujvo pa1 is a verse of poem pe1 about subject pe2 by author pe3 for intended audience pe4. Cf. pemci, pagbu, vlali'i, vlagri.
klutiksi'o pe le sezga'o
Autism rights movement
lujvo pa1=pe1 disapprovingly minds/cares pa2=pe2. Cf. pante, pensi.
experimental cmavo titular possessive: possessive that is part of a name, e.g. "The Summer of Love", "The Wars of the Roses", "Zeno of Elea" See voi'i, pe
ti pe mi slabu relxilma'e
This is my old bicycle.
da pe do cuntu karda
Here is your appointment card.
fu'ivla x1 is the language with ISO 639-3 code ''pai'' (Pe). See also bangu
lo smuci pe mi mutce barda
My spoon is very large.
lo gunkansa pe do merko xu
Is your coworker an American?
do nelci lo gunkansa pe do xu
Do you like your coworkers?
mi mutce nelci lo gunkansa pe mi
I really like my coworkers.
xu do nelci lo pendo pe mi
Do you like my friend?
mi pensi zo'e pe lo nu cliva
I think about what the leaving had.