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cmavo-compound literal sense; marks a construct as literal (non-figurative/non-metaphorical/exact) speech/text "Literally"; one sense of "exactly speaking". Not to be used as an intensifier (unlike some usages of "literally" in English).
ko'a ciksi lo pe'anai smuni be le jufra
He explains the literal meaning of the sentence.
cmavo-compound technical meaning; marks a construct as jargon/terminology/technical/precise/exact speech/text Marks how a construct is to be interpreted/understood. Similar, but not equivalent, to pe'anai and sa'e. If a construct should/could be interpreted in a technical sense (such as the word "likelihood" in English in the field of statistics) AND is actually being used in that technical sense (rather than in a layperson sense), it may be marked for technical interpretation by this word. See also: pe'ai