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cmavo evidential: I opine (subjective claim). See also jinvi.
pe'i ra gleki
I think they are happy.
pe'i dukse barda
I think that it's too big.
pe'i do co'e
I think that it's you.
pe'i ra drani
In my opinion, she is correct.
pe'i ta ba snada
I think that he will succeed.
pe'i dukse kargu
I think this is too expensive.
pe'i la .tam. pamcni
I think Tom is in love.
pe'i tu'a do drani
I think you're right.
pe'i na se nitcu
I don't think that's necessary.
pe'i do melbi
I opine! You are beautiful.
pe'i do drani
I think you are right.
.ie .i pe'i ji'a go'i
Yeah. I think so, too.
pe'i do drani doi jein
I guess you're right, Jane.
pe'i la tom ba jinga
I think Tom will win.
pe'i la tom cu jinga
I hope Tom wins.