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cmavo attitudinal: attitudinal question; how do you feel about it? with what intensity?.
And you, how are you?
pei citka
Do you want to eat?
.ui pei
How happy are you?
pei .o'u
Are you comfortable?
pei .o'onai
Are you angry?
panci pei
What about the smell?
je'u pei
zo'o pei
Are you kidding?
do mo'u fenki pei
Have you gone completely mad?
coi djan .i pei
Hello, John! How are you?
coi bil .i pei
Hi, Bill. How are you?
coi .i pei
Hi, how are you?
pei doi maik
How are you, Mike?
pei doi tam
How are you, Tom?
coi mimis i pei
Hello Mimi! How are you?