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lujvo c1=m2 (person) is unintelligent/dumb/stupid by standard c3. Cf. menli, certu, bebna, pensi, mencre
lujvo p1=t1 meditates (thinks hard; possibly with psuedo-religious motivation) on subject concept p2. See also tsali and pensi.
cmevla used to express pondering; thoughtful humming noise Use ki'ai to turn this into part of a grammatical utterance. (ki'ai .xm.) Also see xy'y, pensi.
experimental cmavo naturalistic interjection: in thought/contemplation Differs from y in that it doesn't imply hesitation or a desire to say anything after. The first syllable may be lengthened as desired. Has a mandatory pause after. See pensi.
lujvo z1=p1 is a volitional thinker considering taking action z2=p2 toward end/goal z3 cf. zukte, pensi, bavgaupei
.i sa'e mi nitcu xa le cacra seri'a le nu mi milxe xamgu pensi .iji'a mi nitcu ze le cacra seri'a le nu mi gleki
Precisely speaking, I need six hours to at least think straight. Additionally, I need seven hours to be happy.
ma jicmu lo nu krici faunai lo nu djuno i la'aru'e lo nu cinmo cu zmadu lo nu pensi vau lo ka carmi
How can you believe without knowing? Maybe feelings are more intense than thoughts.
la berger cu cliva le kumfa ba'o lo nu la klark sepi'o la pauerpoint cu jarco lo se pensi be ky la rais
Berger had left the room by the time Clarke, using a Powerpoint presentation, outlined his thinking to Rice.
lo nu lo jbari cu xunre cu tcica mi lo ka pensi lo nu to'e se ckape lo ka citka le jbari
The red color of the berry misled me into thinking that it's safe to eat it.
lujvo g1=p1 thinks about/considers/ponders/reflects upon doing b1=g2=p2 (nu) after b2 (nu) I found that there was no good, single word for "thinking about doing ... after ...". (See balvi, gasnu, and pensi)
gismu rafsi: jij x1 (person) intuits x2 (du'u) about subject x3; [epistemology]. Words usable for epistemology typically have a du'u place. See also djuno, facki, jimpe, jinvi, nabmi, pensi, sidbo, smadi.
gismu rafsi: moj mo'i x1 remembers/recalls/recollects fact(s)/memory x2 (du'u) about subject x3. See also cmavo list ba'anai, menli, pensi, sanji, djuno, notci.
fu'ivla x1 is an intellect of bearer x2 the realized capacity of thinking, judging, abstract reasoning, and conceptual understanding; the cognitive capacity. See also menli, besna, morji, mucti, pensi, sanji, xanri, sevzi, xadni
gismu rafsi: jiv ji'i x1 thinks/opines x2 [opinion] (du'u) is true about subject/issue x3 on grounds x4. Words usable for epistemology typically have a du'u place. See also cmavo list pe'i, djuno, krici, ciksi, jijnu, nabmi, pensi, senpi, sidbo, birti, pinka.
gismu rafsi: men x1 is a mind/intellect/psyche/mentality/[consciousness] of body x2. (adjective:) x1 is mental/psychological/a mental phenomenon; multiple personalities (= so'i menli). See also besna, morji, mucti, pensi, sanji, xanri, sevzi, xadni.
gismu rafsi: nam x1 (event/state) is a problem to/encountered by x2 in situation/task/inquiry x3. Also: x1 requires consideration by x2. See also preti, danfu, ciksi, jijnu, jinvi, nandu, pensi, sidbo, spuda, raktu.