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gismu x1 is a quantity of/contains/is made of tar/asphalt from source x2. See also kolme, pesxu, snipa.
lujvo p1=j2 is a baked good/cake/mochi/doughnut/pizza dough/pie/macaroon/[cooked paste] made from p2 prepared by j1 according to method/recipe j3 Cf. jukpa, pesxu, titnanba, rutytisna. Originally coined by .lis.nunyn. on IRC.
lujvo x1=v1=c1 is preserved food/feed/nutriment pickled/immersed in x2=j2. x2=j2 is salt (= silna), vinegar (= slami), alcohol (= xalka), sugar (= sakta), honey (= bicysakta), soy sauce (= sobysanso), bean paste (= furso'epesxu), mold paste (= mledi pesxu) and so on. jinru vitno cidja. See also slamystogau.
experimental gismu x1 is a quantity of fluff of composition/structure/characterization/substance x2; x1 is fluffy/airy/soft/fuzzy in texture Visual and tactile. Most likely is malleable, but this word has no such implications inherently; porousness or foaminess is likewise not implied. Might also include "cushiony", "cotton-like", "wool-like"; a fractal nature might be present. For fuzziness: not necessarily hairy or furry, but must be soft; not bristly (which implies stiffness and hardness). See also: ranti, rufsu, xutla, panje, dilnu, mapni, sunla, fonmo, jduli, pesxu, marji.
lujvo x1=p1=c1 is a noodle/pasta/boiled dough eaten by x2=c2 made out of x3=p2 (normally grain(s) or legume(s)) which is boiled in x4=f1 (normally water) at temperature x5=f2 and pressure x6=f3 See also febjukpa, grupesxu. luvjo from pesxu, febvi, cidja. Not very jvajvo, but it works.