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gismu x1 is a pin/peg (needle-shaped tool) for fastening to/piercing x2, of material/properties x3. See also jesni, nivji, fenso, dinko, tutci.
mulno smaji .i tirna lo nu lo pijne cu farlu
There came a complete silence. You could hear a pin drop.
ko dunda fi mi fe lo pijne be lo pelji
Give me a pin for fastening paper.
lujvo x1 is a flute. Cf. flani, pijne, flanrdizi, zgica'a.
gismu rafsi: di'o x1 is a nail/tack [pointed driven/frictional fastener] of type/size x2 (ka), made of material x3. (x2 also can be ni abstraction); See also pijne, lasna.
gismu rafsi: jes x1 is a needle [pointed shape/form, not tool] of material x2. See also konju, pijne, jipno, kinli.
gismu rafsi: niv x1 (agent) knits x2 [cloth/object] from yarn/thread x3. See also cilta, fenso, jivbu, pijne.
lujvo g1 makes x2=p1 pass through x3=p2 to destination side x4=p3 from origin side x5=p4. Cf. pijne, fenra, canko, greke'a.
gismu rafsi: fen fe'o x1 sews/stitches/sutures materials x2 (ind./set) together with tool(s) x3, using filament x4. (x2 if a set must be a complete specification); See also cilta, jivbu, jorne, nivji, pijne, lasna.
gismu rafsi: tci x1 is a tool/utensil/resource/instrument/implement used for doing x2; [form determines function]. (cf. cabra, minji, se pilno, zukte, sazri, basic tool types: salpo, pulni, cfine, klupe, jendu, xislu, vraga; utensils: forca, smuci, dakfu; specifics: balre, mruli, cinza, garna, pijne, pambe, canpa, pilno, vraga)