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gismu x1 begs/pleads/supplicates/entreats/implores/beseeches/prays [asks with humility] x2 for x3. Also importune, petition, plea, solicit; x2 benefactor, patron; x3 boon, favor, gift, alms. See also cpedu which is more general as to manner, pindi.
mi pikci do
I'm begging you.
gau ko mi na pikci
Don't make me beg.
do nitcu ma doi pikci ga'i
What do you need, you beggar?
la tom pu pikci la maris lo ka stali
Tom begged Mary to stay.
la kevin pu pikci la alis lo ka stali
Kevin begged Alice to stay.
cmavo attitudinal: request - negative request. See also cpedu, pikci.
lujvo cp1 humbly asks for/implores cp2 from cp3 in manner/form cp4. Cf. pikci, tolcumla.
lujvo x1 apologizes to x2 / asks x2 for forgiveness for action x3 (property of x1) See also fraxu, cpedu, pikci.
gismu rafsi: pid x1 is poor/indigent/impoverished/lacking in goods/possessions/property x2. x2 is scanty/meager/lacking for x1. See also ricfu, claxu, nitcu, pikci.
lujvo m1=c1 demands/exacts c2=m3 of c3=m2, with manner/form of demand c4. Cf. minde, cpedu, pikci, preti, ca'icpe, camcpe.
gismu rafsi: cpe x1 requests/asks/petitions/solicits for x2 of/from x3 in manner/form x4. Also demand (= mi'ecpe); x4 is a means of expression See also ve cusku.: a request may be indicated in speech, in writing, or by an action (e.g. petitions are often in writing, while begging/panhandling may be indicated by an action or even demeanor). (cf. pikci, te preti, te frati, se spuda, danfu)