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gismu rafsi: cau x1 is without/lacking/free of/lacks x2; x1 is x2-less. See also cmavo list cau, cirko, kunti, nitcu, pindi, banzu.
gismu x1 begs/pleads/supplicates/entreats/implores/beseeches/prays [asks with humility] x2 for x3. Also importune, petition, plea, solicit; x2 benefactor, patron; x3 boon, favor, gift, alms. See also cpedu which is more general as to manner, pindi.
gismu rafsi: tcu x1 needs/requires/is dependent on/[wants] necessity x2 for purpose/action/stage of process x3. No implication of lack. See also banzu, cidja, claxu, pindi, xebni, sarcu, lacri, djica, taske, xagji.