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gismu rafsi: pif x1 is a prisoner/captive of x2, restrained/held/confined by means/force x3. See also zifre, kavbu, rinju, ralte, fanta, cilce.
ko jundi le pinfu
Watch the prisoner.
mi'a pu pinfu lo mi'a zdani lo nu snime carvi
We became prisoners of our home due to the snowfall.
le'o go ko mrilu lo se citka ginai mi catra pa lo pinfu
Send in something to eat or I'll kill a hostage.
lujvo x1 is a hostage of / is held hostage by x2 Other sumti slots may be needed. See also pinfu.
gismu rafsi: cic (adjective:) x1 is wild/untamed. Tame (= tolcilce). See also pinfu, panpi, tarti.
gismu x1 prevents/keeps/stops/restrains/constrains event x2 from occurring. See also pinfu, bandu, zunti, rinju, jimte, bapli, rivbi.
lujvo g1 takes into custody/imprisons p1 as a prisoner/captive of p2 restrained/held/confined by means/force p3. Cf. pinfu, gasnu.
gismu rafsi: ra'e x1 retains/keeps/holds x2 in its possession. See also cirko, rinju, ponse, jgari, pinfu, stali, curmi.
lujvo g1 collars/has a band put on k2, the collar/band being k1 made of material k3. Cf. gasnu, karli, rinju, pinfu, kavbu.
lujvo g1 practices sadomasochism with g2=c1 with pain at locus c2. Cf. bikla, laktergu'i, darxi, tunta, pinfu, katna, jesni.
gismu rafsi: kav x1 captures/catches/apprehends/seizes/nabs x2 with trap/restraint x3. Catch something thrown (= rerkavbu). See also jersi, kalte, pinfu, sisku, se rinju.
gismu rafsi: zif zi'e x1 is free/at liberty to do/be x2 (event/state) under conditions x3. Also unrestricted, unfettered, unconstrained; (adjective:) independent; (adverb:) willingly, voluntarily, freely, may, optionally; (potential:) x1 voluntarily does x2. See also pinfu, rinju, bilga, curmi, kakne, frili.
gismu rafsi: ri'u x1 is restrained/held [back]/constrained/kept by restraint x2 against x3 (event). Also: x2 is a restraint/binding for x1, x2 keeps/restrains/holds [back]/constrains x1 from x3 (= selri'u for reordered places); agentive restraint (= ri'urgau, ri'urzu'e). See also zifre, ralte, pinfu, kavbu, fanta, jgari, jimte, bapli, curmi, kluza, tagji.