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gismu rafsi: pis x1 is a pencil/crayon/stylus applying lead/marking material x2, frame/support [of material] x3. Also writing brush; x1 stimulates substrate medium x2 to display marks; explicitly denoting a standard lead pencil (= tabypinsi). (cf. ciska, penbi (unlike the English equivalents, pinsi is the more general term over penbi), burcu, bakri)
mi claxu lo pinsi
I don't have a pencil.
ti pinsi lo xunre
This is a red pencil.
do falcru lo do pinsi
You dropped your pencil.
.e'apei mi jbera lo pinsi
Could I borrow a pencil?
lo vi pinsi zo'u ma ponse
Whose pencil is this?
la .tom. pu kilgau lo pinsi
Tom sharpened a pencil.
ko'a pu na'e ponse lo pinsi
She didn't have any pencils.
lo vi pinsi cu xauzma lo va co'e
This pencil is better than that one.
lo cukta ku .e lo pinsi ku zvati ma
Where are the book and the pencil?
.i .e'o ko ciska lo cmene be do fo lo pinsi
Write down your name with a pencil, please.
gismu rafsi: bru x1 is a brush for purpose x2 (event) with bristles x3. See also komcu, pinsi.
lujvo p1 is a pencil. A specialized form of pinsi that uses graphite (see tabno) as its lead.
lujvo b1=p1 is a marker applying marking material b2=p2, with frame/support [of material] p3. Cf. barna, pinsi.
gismu x1 is a quantity of/contains/is made of chalk from source x2 in form x3. See also pinsi, blabi, jilka.
gismu rafsi: peb x1 is a pen using ink x2 applied by process x3. See also ciska, pinsi, xinmo, pimlu.