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gismu rafsi: pin x1 is flat/level/horizontal in gravity/frame of reference x2. See also sraji, plita, xutla.
ti gredile ci pinta ce re sraji
It's a grid with three horizontal and two vertical lines.
le taxfu cu tarti lo ka pinta
The dress is strained in horizontal direction.
lo nanmu pu ku pinta gi'e la'a sipna
The man was in horizontal position and was probably sleeping.
ti salpo lo jganu be fi lo pinta
This is a slope towards the horizontal surface.
le falnu cu tinsa lo pinta lo brife
The sail is rigid in horizontal direction against the wind.
lujvo s1=p1 prostrates him/herself/itself before s2. Cf. pinta, sinma.
lujvo v1 lies on v2=p1. Cf. vreta, pinta, surla, sipna.
gismu rafsi: raj x1 is vertical/upright/erect/plumb/oriented straight up and down in reference frame/gravity x2. See also sanli, pinta.
gismu rafsi: xul x1 is smooth/even/[soft/silky] in texture/regularity. See also plita, rufsu, tengu, dikni, pinta, sakli, spali.
lujvo x1=v1=k1 is a word/quotation crossing other words/quotations, meaning/defined by x2=v2, located at x3=k3 Across -> pinta, down -> sraji, crossword puzzle -> "kucyvla se namkei". Example: "12 across: what you like -> beautiful" is "zo melbi cu kucyvla lu da poi do nelci li'u li pare poi pinta". x1 may be a non grammatical quotation.
lujvo g1=b3=p1 is a/the boom/yard made of g2 of sail f1 on boat f3=b1. Cf. bloti, pinta, falnu, grana, bloca'ega'a, blofanga'a, blocpuga'a, blomatryga'a, blofarga'a.
gismu rafsi: pit x1 is a plane [2-dimensional shape/form] defined by points x2 (set); x1 is flat/[smooth]. Also: x1 is even/planar/level. (x2 is a set of points at least sufficient to define the plane); See also xutla, sefta, tapla, karda, boxfo, pinta.