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mi pinxe lo tcati be lo crino pezli
I'm drinking tea brewed from green leaves.
gismu x1 is made of/contains/is a amount of beer/ale/brew brewed from x2. See also pinxe, barja, jikru, vanju, xalka, fusra.
lujvo p1 is a vampire / drinks blood of organism p3=c2. p2 and c1 subsumed. Cf. ciblu, pinxe, crida.
gismu rafsi: dja x1 is food/feed/nutriment for x2; x1 is edible/gives nutrition to x2. See also citka, nitcu, pinxe, xagji, cpina.
lujvo x1 is a beverage consisting of x2 See cidja, litki, pinxe, pixyjau, tcati, ckafi
gismu x1 is made of/contains/is a quantity of juice/nectar from-source/of-type x2. Water-based extract from a (generally) biological source. See also pinxe, djacu, grute, stagi.
lujvo x1 is drinking water See also djacu, pinxe, jinsa, curve, cidja
lujvo c1 is drinking water for c2. See also djacu, pinxe, jinsa, curve, cidja.
lujvo x1 is drinking water Syn. pixydja. See also djacu, pinxe, jinsa, curve, cidja
lujvo x1 is a beverage, drink liquid refreshment drunk by x2 from container, source x3; x1 is what x2 drinks, imbibes from x3 A shortcut of se pinxe.
gismu x1 thirsts for x2; x1 needs/wants drink/fluid/lubrication x2. See also nitcu, djica, xagji, pinxe.
lujvo x1=p3 is a container out of which x2=p2 is drunk by x3=p1 te pinxe; see also: kabri
lujvo t1 is quenched and has enough of drink/fluid/lubrication t2. See also banzu, taske tolxagji, pinxe.
lujvo p1 drinks to much alcohol of type p2 from p3 by standard d3; p1 is a drunk from xalka pinxe dukse c.f. xalbebna
gismu x1 is a tavern/bar/pub serving x2 to audience/patrons x3. See also gusta, birje, jikru, sanmi, vanju, xotli, ckafi, se pinxe.
gismu rafsi: cti x1 eats/ingests/consumes (transitive verb) x2. See also cidja, pinxe, tunlo, xagji, xaksu, batci, gusta, kabri.