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gismu rafsi: pir xra x1 is a picture/illustration representing/showing x2, made by artist x3 in medium x4. Also (adjective:) x1 is pictorial/illustrative; drawing (= xraselci'a), x1 draws x2 (= xraci'a/xraci'a), image (= xratai), photo (= kacmyxra), take a photo (= kacmyterxra, kacmyxragau, kacmyxrazu'e); sculpture, relief (= blixra). See also ciska, cinta, prina, mupli, barna, skina.
mi karbi ti poi pixra ku'o ta poi pixra
I compared this picture with that one.
ko catlu lo va pixra
Look at that picture.
ti pixra lo mi mamta
This is a picture of my mother.
xu le pixra cu cnino
Is it a recent picture?
ti pixra lo mi mensi
This is a picture of my sister.
zu'e ko viska le pixra
Look at the picture!
la.keit. jo'u la.braiyn. pu casnu lo pixra
Kate talked over the picture with Brian.
xu ra jarco lo pixra do
Did she show you the picture?
ti za'u kacma pixra co me ta
Those photos are hers.
ti pixra le bloti be mi
This is a picture of the ship I was on.
.i'e nai lo pixra ku korcu dandu
Hm, the picture is hanging crooked.
mi pu te pixra lo cmalu xirma
I drew a picture of a pony.
lo vi za'u pixra cu melbi
These pictures are beautiful.
mi djica tu'a lo do pixra
I would like your picture.
lo vi vi'u pixra cu ransu
The statue is made of bronze.